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Handmade Wrought Iron Chandeliers

. . . . Handmade Wrought Iron Chandeliers have been around for hundreds of years but a little over a hundred years ago one thing changed. Craftsmen discovered that they could make handmade wrought iron lighting from steel ! While handmade wrought iron chandeliers were beautiful and durable they were very heavy and wrought iron limited the amount of new designs they could create. So late in the 1800's they started using steel instead for their handmade wrought iron lighting. 

. . . . We've been fortunate in finding a group of artisans that still create wrought iron chandeliers in the same old fashioned way. These folks still create their wrought iron chandeliers using many of the same tools and methods that were discovered over 100 years ago. One group is located in Amish country in Pennsylvania and the other is in the mountains of Vermont in the heart of New England. Both create handmade wrought iron chandeliers that will provide a unique accent to any room of your home.

. . . . No charge for Continental U.S. shipping of your new handmade wrought iron chandeliers  !!

. . . . Because each of our handmade wrought iron chandeliers is hand crafted please note the production time for each.

. . . . All of our handmade wrought iron chandeliers come with everything you need for installation.

. . . . All of our wrought iron chandeliers are U.S. crafted & UL listed.
. . . . Sorry but the craftsman doesn't do custom handmade wrought iron chandeliers.

. . . . Please click on any picture for a description of your new wrought iron chandeliers.
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