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Decorative Tin Oval Buckets

Decorative Tin Oval Buckets
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Name: Decorative Tin Oval Buckets
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Serial Number: M14-27S

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. . . . . Something brand new from My Uncle Buck and no it's not punched tin lighting !  These tin oval buckets are one of those things that you really never thought of adding to your decor until you laid eyes on it ! Much like our punched tin lighting ! Thousands of uses really but NOT FOR WATER ! Yep these are strictly decorative. Think flowers, magazines maybe a favorite stuffed toy or a shell collection. Really there is no limit to the ideas for these tin oval buckets. Maybe board games or cards for the family room. One in the entry way for the days mail ! It won't take you long to come up with your own ideas. You get all three tin oval buckets. Beautifully detailed right down to the wooden handle. Our craftspeople found these in of all places India. But that really shouldn't come as too big of a surprise since India has been the home of skilled metal workers for centuries. So let your imagination run wild and enjoy ! 

. . . . . Each of the tin oval buckets in this set is hand crafted, just like our punched tin lighting, with an antiqued brushed tin finish.

. . . . The small bucket measures 6 3/4" High x 12" Wide x 8 1/2" Across, the medium bucket measures 7 1/2" High x 13 1/2" Wide x 10" Across, and the large bucket measures 8" High x 15 3/4" Wide x 12 1/2" Across. Please measure carefully if necessary !

. . . . . These tin oval buckets are NOT FOR USE WITH WATER. These are strictly for decorative use.

. . . . . Like all our punched tin lighting shipping is FREE in the continental U.S. !!

. . . . Hand crafted by skilled metal workers and imported from India.